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We give green technology; we provide energy and power free service.

Are you looking for quality ventilation systems in Ethiopia?

MS Ventilation designs and builds complete systems for well known companies throughout Ethiopia, and know what it takes to keep them working efficiently. Regular checks and cleaning should be carried out on filters, duct-work and equipment. With over 7 years’ experience, we know what it takes to keep your ventilation system working perfectly. We have been offering exceptional services to our clients in Ethiopia.

Providing a variation of skills and expertise, MS Ventilation caters for each individual customer using advanced knowledge in ventilation design, maintenance and installation. In addition, our consultancy team can assist on a project by project basis.

What makes us different?

  • Over 7 years’ experience managing air ventilation systems
  • Excellent reputation built over many years
  • Efficient, reliable & professional service
  • Wide range of air ventilation and filtration services
  • Free quotation and competitive prices



As much as we are ready to take action for short-term improvements, we strive for sustainability and quality in all our business categories.


As a vital part of a relationship built on trust, we respect the integrity of our clients. We act and communicate in a manner that supports alignment of our goals with our client’s and with a view towards a long-term relationship. We believe that a trustful relationship is a key to the success of any business.


We love what we do –Therefore we know that for our customers to become the best in business we have to strive for the same.


We believe that creativity and pragmatism are essential ingredients of successful business.

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