About Us.

MS Ventilation is a locally established company which introduces and come up with an indigenous innovation of wind turbine roof ventilators for the first time in Ethiopia. The locally made Hi-tech wind turbines are used to exhaust heat, smoke, dust and smell or bad odor in factories, warehouses, kitchens, assembly halls and other places without using any electricity.

Our company is the only company with the patent right of wind driven roof ventilation to manufacture and sale in Ethiopia. Customers choose us because of our unique providing of  safe and guaranteed installation services.

Although MS Ventilators are not the first in Ethiopia, we have since registered patent to the new introduction with The Ethiopian Ministry of Science and Technology, intellectual property office, making it more unique, durable and competitive to its imported rivals.

Why Choose Us

  • Locally produced materials hence low price
  • Maintenance free hence no hassle of having to climb on the roof every time
  • Environmental friendly
  • Running at the cost of nature, i.e. wind powered
  • Durable and robust
  • After sale service and guarantee
  • Runs even if the wind speed is low
  • Exhaust hot air even if there is no wind
  • Exhaust Dust, Smoke, Heat, Bad smell from factories, halls, kitchens, printing presses, poultry houses, gymnasiums, warehouses, pastries etc.


We strive to offer consumers full of options that help them feel good, confident and get more out of services across our wide range of ventilator products for all customers.


To become the number one wind turbine ventilator manufacturing outlet in Ethiopia by providing award-winning ventilator designs and brands of superior quality whiles maintaining excellent after sales and delivery services that meets our clients’ highest standards.

We give green technology; we provide energy and power free service.

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